Below are two lists: (1) students currently working in the HCAT lab and (2) former HCAT students (with their current place of employment).


Current Students

Katheryn Christy: 2nd Year Post-Doc, HCAT lab – Just accepted a tenure track position at the University of Wisconsin – Madison!













Manusheela Pokharel: 3rd Year Doctoral student, University of Utah – On the Market Fall 2018

























Former Students

Kevin K. John (Ph.D., 2015): Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University

Melinda Krakow (Ph.D., 2015): Post-Doctoral Fellow, National Cancer Institute

Lisa Guntzviller (Ph.D., 2013): Assistant Professor, University of Illinois

Courtney L. Scherr (Ph.D., 2013): Assistant Professor, Northwestern University

Andy J. King (Ph.D., 2012): Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University

Nick Carcioppolo (Ph.D., 2012): Assistant Professor, University of Miami

Robert Yale (Ph.D., 2011): Assistant Professor, University of Dallas


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