Below are two lists: (1) students currently working in the HCAT lab and (2) former HCAT students (with their current place of employment).


Current Students


Melinda Krakow: Post-Doctoral Fellow, National Cancer Institute – On the Market Fall 2018




Sean Upshaw: Post-Doctoral Fellow, HCAT lab (begins July 1st, 2018) – On the Market Fall 2018.





Manusheela Pokharel: 3rd Year Doctoral student, University of Utah – On the Market Fall 2018.




Liz Giorgi: 1st Year Doctoral student, University of Utah – On the Market Fall 2020.




Liane O’Neill: 1st Year MA student, University of Utah.

Liane is pursuing a master’s degree in communication at the University of Utah with an emphasis in Communicating Science, Health, Environment, and Risk (CommSHER). She completed undergraduate degrees in marketing and journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno, graduating Cum Laude.

Prior to beginning her master’s work, Liane worked as an account executive at a communications agency, specializing in public relations and integrated account strategy. She is driven by her curiosity in researching impactful communications that improve humanity and the environment.


Rachael Katz: 1st Year MA student, University of Utah.

After graduation from Cal Poly with a major in communication studies and a minor in psychology, Rachael is continuing her education by pursuing a masters in communication with and emphasis in health communication. Her interest in this topic was fostered while writing her undergrad senior project which researched how nonverbal communication and framing influence decision making in a medical setting.

Before pursing her masters, Rachael worked with many health oriented non-profits, such as Make-a-Wish Foundation and The American Heart Association.


Former Students

Katheryn Christy (Ph.D., 2016): Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Kevin K. John (Ph.D., 2015): Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University

Lisa Guntzviller (Ph.D., 2013): Assistant Professor, University of Illinois

Courtney L. Scherr (Ph.D., 2013): Assistant Professor, Northwestern University

Andy J. King (Ph.D., 2012): Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University

Nick Carcioppolo (Ph.D., 2012): Assistant Professor, University of Miami

Robert Yale (Ph.D., 2011): Assistant Professor, University of Dallas

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