Immersion Lab


The next decade of media research and practice will be heavily influenced by immersive technologies, including 360 video, virtual reality, and immersive content. To that end, we built a state-of-the-art media lab – we call it “Immersion Lab” – to create, refine, and study immersive media. The centerpiece of Immersion Lab is a professional grade 360 camera: the Nokia Ozo. We will use the Ozo to create cutting edge immersive content over the next 24 months, and then examine how users interact with that content in our “immersive space.” Our immersive space is a 15 x 15 space in the Immersion Lab that allows users to interact with fully immersive content.

Immersion Lab is co-directed by Professors Jakob Jensen and Avery Holton. Interested in joining Immersion Lab, or do you have a something you would like filmed with the Ozo camera? Send Professor Jensen an email (


Examples of our work:

A Bad Air Day in Salt Lake City: