New CIO article published in PEC

Several years ago, HCAT published an article focused on cancer information overload (CIO). In that article, we proposed a measure for the construct, examined psychometric properties, and compared it to Powe’s measure of cancer fatalism. As a follow-up, we recently published another article examining a refined version of the CIO scale. Both articles can be…

Summer 2019: Seven New Datasets

In Summer 2019, HCAT lab collected 7 new datasets. Rachael Katz was working on a new CIO dataset for her MA project. Helen Lillie launched the third study in the melanoma death narratives research program. Sean Upshaw developed stimuli to help underserved populations identity a rare form of melanoma (ALM). Liz Giorgi and Julia Berger…

HCAT Day Retreat

With the NCA submission deadline looming, HCAT lab decided to have a day retreat in the new Gardiner Commons building. What a great building! We arrived at 9 am and wrote until 5 pm. I’m always surprised at how much we get done in a single day devoted to writing. This will be the first…

Captain HCAT

HCAT decided to go to the fan event for Captain Marvel. In true HCAT style, we bought out an entire row of luxury seats at the District Theater. Yep. The entire row. We typically go to Jordan Commons for opening night, but decided to give the District a try for Captain Marvel. We loved it.…

Manu publishes article in Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Manu published the first article from her dissertation in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine. The article compared the persuasive impact of five types of skin cancer visuals, including ultraviolet photos. She found that ultraviolet photos increase fear, relative to other skin cancer visuals, and that fear mediates the pathway between exposure to ultraviolet photos and…

Rachael Katz joins HCAT

Rachael Katz has joined HCAT as an M.A. student. Rachael completed her B.A. in Communication Studies at California Polytechnic University in May 2018. While completing her B.A. degree, Rachael worked as a marketing intern for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a peer advocate for the American Heart Association, and a junior board member for the…

Ultraviolet (UV) Photography at the Museum

We have developed a high performance, monochrome UV camera to advance research in dermatology, public health, and (interestingly enough) the documentation and discovery of historical artifacts. HCAT lab is working with several faculty on the latter initiative, including Professor Rory Becker from Eastern Oregon University. We recently used the camera to photograph specimens at the Utah Museum of Natural History, including scorpions (who glow when exposed to UV)! Rory has also used our UV camera to photograph Neanderthal caves in Croatia (photos to come).

Rory UVcamera Scorpions



Nordic House Writing Retreat in Park City

HCAT lab held another writing retreat October 11th – 14th, 2013 in Park City, UT. The writing retreat was held at a 5 bedroom cabin in Deer Valley that described itself as the Nordic House (you can rent it here). Eleven faculty and graduate students attended the retreat. I led a workshop on Lisrel and confirmatory factory analysis, Lisa Guntzviller led a workshop on bibliography software, and Rob Yale took us all out to dinner at the Blue Iguana (which would become a writing retreat tradition). We also discovered numerous quirks such as my love of high quality scrap paper and Kevin Coe’s need to have lots of gum on hand while writing. Finally, Rob Yale impressed everyone (as he tends to) with an amazing suitcase.

We worked on 12 manuscripts during the writing retreat, 7 of which were finished by end. We played an excessive amount of shuffleboard.


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Jake goes to China

In 2008, I journeyed to China as part of a┬ádelegation from Purdue University. We attended a Health Communication conference, met with several universities, and traveled.   Fun Fact: I was a Political Science and East Asian Studies┬ámajor in college. The latter focused on Chinese history, culture, and language.