Spring: research, research, research

HCAT has lots of research in progress. We are writing IRBs, designing studies, collecting and analyzing data, and writing manuscripts. It’s great to have so much activity in the lab. 

Recently, I started using post-it notes to keep track of all the studies in progress. It helps me to visually track the studies and it keeps us focused on evolution. 

A goal for the lab is to launch and sustain research programs that involve multiple studies driving toward a goal. It is easy to conduct research that doesn’t evolve; for example, single studies that you never return to. Sometimes those studies help to develop new skills or to investigate novel areas. So, they have value. But multi-study research programs are a higher level of scholarship. 

As you can see, we have several active lines with more than 1 study (As the post-it notes descend vertically they represent evolving lines.)