In Memoriam: Robert N. Yale

HCAT member Robert N. Yale passed away April 2017 following a courageous battle with gastric cancer. He was a key member of our lab, and a great friend to all of us. He taught us the art of photography, how to purchase excellent tech, and a love of food. He helped build the HCAT writing retreat into an annual event, and hosted a retreat in Dallas, TX.

As I write this, I am reminded of what a great researcher he was, and that his research is just one small way that he lives on. Communication researchers will know Rob as the creator of the Narrative Believability Scale. You can read about that work here.

I am also reminded of an email that Rob sent in his final days. An article we had submitted for publication received good news at a journal (what we call a revise and resubmit). I cc’d Rob on the good news, to keep him in the loop. He had just entered hospice, so my goal was to let him know the good news. Let it be your inspiration. He will always be ours.

Thank you so much for all your work on this paper and for tackling the R&R. The doctors say I only have days or weeks to live, but I’m praying for a miracle that keeps me around a while longer.
As long as I’m still around, please consider me an active part of this research team and send me assignments to work on as needed.


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