HCAT wins Golden Monograph (two years in a row)!

The Golden Anniversary Monograph Award is presented to the most outstanding scholarly monograph(s) published during the previous calendar year. We are excited to announce that an HCAT article was selected to receive the 2016 Golden Anniversary Monograph award. The article is titled:

Jones, C. L., Jensen, J. D., Scherr, C. L., Brown, N. R., Christy, K., & Weaver, J. (2015). The health belief model as an explanatory framework in communication research: Exploring parallel, serial, and moderated mediationHealth Communication, 30, 566-576.



We will receive the award at the award ceremony during the NCA 102th Annual Convention in Philadelphia (home of the Rocky, and the Rocky statue!). The Awards Presentation follows the NCA Presidential Address on Saturday, November 12 that begins at 5:00 p.m. in Grand Salon E of the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown. We invite everyone to join us there, and to come out for drinks with us after.

Note #1: In 2011, I created two documents that described how to write-up PROCESS analysis. Those documents were more popular than expected and are still requested to this day. Those documents use a variation of the data from this paper (we call it banana flu rather than H1N1 flu). You can find those (somewhat dated) documents here and here.

Note #2: HCAT lab also won the 2015 Golden Anniversary Monograph award (you can read about that here). Winning two years in a row is a feat we may never accomplish again, so we plan to celebrate soon.

Note #3: Jake becomes the first back-to-back Golden Monograph winner since James Bradac won in 1979 and 1980. Herbert Simons also won back-to-back Golden Monographs in 1971 and 1972. Jake is the 5th University of Utah faculty member to win the Golden Anniversary Monograph. The other University of Utah winners are Kevin M. DeLuca (2003), Marouf Hasian (1997), George Cheney (1996), and Mary Strine (1990).