Infographic: Cancer Research Funding 2017

I created this infographic to teach people about federal funding of cancer research. As a cancer researcher, I would like to see more money devoted to fighting the illness of our time. But it’s more than that: I would like to see our budget parallel the problems of our society. That said, the infographic isn’t an attack on anyone, or, rather, it shouldn’t be viewed in that way. It is a fight for more cancer research funding. It’s also a document created for all of the folks out there battling cancer. Especially those waiting desperately for a breakthrough.

There is a cure for cancer: money. The more money we put toward cancer research, the faster we find a cure. So, let’s cure it with our pocketbooks.

If you would like to use this infographic, then you have my permission. I created it to be used. You can share it, link to it, or print it and post it. You can write about it, attack it, or just point and laugh. All of those things are preapproved. If you would like to repurpose it (e.g., cut out a figure for another document), then drop me an email:

I hope you enjoy it.


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