Chamber House Writing Retreat – Fall 2015

HCAT lab held another writing retreat October 8th – 15th, 2015 in Park City, UT. The writing retreat was held at a 5 bedroom house located just above main street in old town (you can rent it here). Courtney and I gave a workshop on writing NIH grants, and we also reviewed vitas and (for some folks) tenure files. I gave up Mountain Dew prior to this retreat, so Rob Yale had to continue carrying the (Diet) Mountain Dew torch for the lab. Andy King brought a bird mask, and that dominated our photos. In a surprise move, Nick Carcioppolo arrived with a suitcase identical to Rob Yale’s (see: Nordic House Writing Retreat)! Also, I rewarded folks for finishing their manuscripts by giving them fake tattoo arm bands. They were very popular.

IMG_5656 IMG_5649 IMG_5623 IMG_5618 IMG_5585 IMG_5544 IMG_5543 IMG_5540 IMG_5529 IMG_5504 IMG_5494 IMG_5486 IMG_5483 IMG_5470 IMG_5464 IMG_5461 IMG_5459