Jake Featured in Countering Cancer Series


Jake was recently featured as in the series, “Countering Cancer: 100 Reports from the Frontline” sponsored by Pfizer and Handelsblatt. They focused on his cancer information overload research. You can read the article here: http://countering-cancer.tumblr.com/post/121577895645/the-flood-of-cancer-information-communication


And see the larger series here:


Here’s a full description of the series:

‘Countering Cancer’ Series
Featuring 100 stories about countering cancer

Cancer is a field where some of the most rapid advancements in science can be seen. Increased knowledge in cancer biology has led to remarkable progress in cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment. However, despite all these developments, cancer remains one of today’s major health challenges. There is still a great deal to do in countering cancer.

The ‘Countering Cancer’ series, presented by Pfizer, portrays the dedicated people, initiatives, and organizations that are part of this effort and provides insights into their motivation and engagement. It also contains informative articles on non-personalized topics such as how science is progressing and novel treatment approaches.

Each story is a piece of a larger mosaic that showcases how, to be effective, ‘Countering Cancer’ requires combined efforts across the fields of science, research, industry, and society as a whole.

We hope you enjoy ‘Countering Cancer’ and are inspired by the stories