The Great Beard Contest

In May of 2014, Professor Kevin Coe challenged me to a “beard off.” A beard off is a contest wherein two people decide to grow beards and see who has the “best” beard at the end of the day. I agreed.


Typically, a beard off is started in the fall or winter. Why? Because beards are hot. And damn are they itchy. Especially when it is hot. But Coe wanted a beard off in the summer, so we did it.


On August 8th, 2014 we declared an end to the beard off. We took these photos, then immediately went home and shaved. “Never again,” we both declared.


The photos were posted to Facebook. In a close vote, Coe was declared the beard winner. His prize? Never to grow a beard again. 🙂


Kevin9 Jake9 Beards3.jpg Beards2.jpg Beards1.jpg Graphic