The WORD Intervention

In 2010, we won a subcontract on a Department of Defense/Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center Grant. Our job was to conduct research to inform the design of an HPV vaccination campaign. To that end, we created experimental stimuli to test threat-to-efficacy ratio hypotheses at the heart of EPPM research. This required the creation of lots and lots and lots of stimuli – one for each ratio combination. Here they are, provided for your use and pleasure. Seriously. Feel free to use them.


Here’s the article citation:

Carcioppolo, N.,* Jensen, J. D., Wilson, S. E., Collins, W. B., Carrion, M., & Linnemeier, G. (2013). Examining HPV threat-to-efficacy ratios in the extended parallel process model. Health Communication, 28, 20-28.

CAll 1-4 CBoth1 CBoth2 CBoth3 CBoth4 CEff1 CEff2 CThr1, Eff1, Eff2 CThr1, Thr2, Eff1 Cthr1, Thr2, Eff2 CThr2, Eff1, Eff2 CThreat1 CThreat2 GAll1-4 GBoth1 GBoth2 GBoth3 GBoth4 GEff1 GEff2 GThr1, Eff1, Eff2 GThr1, Thr2, Eff1 GThr1, Thr2, Eff2 GThr2, Eff1, Eff2 GThreat1 GThreat2